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NEW: Bulk Access & Integrated Search API

MexLucky announced the launch of its Enterprise Data and API products which give law firms and legal technology companies access to the world's largest and most well-structured contract database. If you build digital or data products that could benefit from compiled, indexed, and easily-searchable contracts and clauses, discover what this news means for you.

College Athlete Deals vs Influencer Agreements (NIL)

In this episode of the Contract Teardown show, sports attorney John Gibson uses an online influencer agreement to explain special rules for college athletes looking to sign brand deals.

Salesforce's Data Processing Agreement (DPA)

Salesforce's Data Processing Agreement (DPA) illustrates the risks associated with data management roles in contracting.

Alcohol Distribution Agreements (Hispanica International Delights Teardown)

In this episode of the Contract Teardown, Kristina Perry Alexander walks through a sample alcohol distribution agreement.

Are NDAs the Most Important Agreements?

What if NDAs are much more important than you think? In this episode, Ehteshamul Haque argues that an NDA lays the groundwork for a deal, making it incredibly significant (and too often overlooked).

How to Leverage AI to Negotiate Contracts

Learn how contract professionals are using artificial intelligence to improve their work.
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